Judy Baker

Mosaic & Sculpture

Cover Image for Blue Murder

A 3D mosaic sculpture of Mabel, my Irish red setter. A wire sculpture, cladded in plaster then covered with vintage blue willow pattern china. Murder to do, hence the title!

Mosaics & Sculptures

Cover Image for Golden Palm

Golden Palm

Cover Image for Tulips


A large vase of tulips, made with glass, ceramics and a broken old jug.

Cover Image for Leap!


A leaping dog created with shards of slate over a mirrored moon.

Cover Image for Peony and little bird

Peony and little bird

A small peony image, glass, mirror and tiles, featuring a little pottery bird.

Cover Image for Big Blue Hare

Big Blue Hare

A very large (1m x 50cm) mosaic of a hare.

Cover Image for Flowers in a turquoise vase

Flowers in a turquoise vase

A ceramic and glass mosaic.

Cover Image for Boxing Hares

Boxing Hares

Two marble hares boxing against a dark blue ceramic sky.

Cover Image for Flying dog

Flying dog

A slate and ceramic mosaic with mirror wings….

Cover Image for Blue Murder

Blue Murder

A 3D mosaic sculpture of Mabel, my Irish red setter. A wire sculpture, cladded in plaster then covered with vintage blue willow pattern china. Murder to do, hence the title!

Cover Image for Flingmango


A glass and ceramic mosaic.

Cover Image for Those flowers smell nice

Those flowers smell nice

Ceramic, glass and marble mosaic

Cover Image for Binky the Great Dane

Binky the Great Dane

Marble and ceramic mosaic with red specs!

Cover Image for Little dachshund on yellow

Little dachshund on yellow

Small ceramic mosaic with wire collar.

Cover Image for Flying Swans

Flying Swans

A ceramic mosaic with white sea-glass swans.

Cover Image for Talking Hares

Talking Hares

A ceramic and marble mosaic using both traditional and modern methods.

Cover Image for Little White Dog

Little White Dog

White ceramic mosaic on a dark background.

Cover Image for Millie and Mabel

Millie and Mabel

Little wire sculptures of these two tiny poodles. Chicken wire with copper.

Cover Image for Big bird….

Big bird….

A large chicken wire bird sculpture, with a copper beak and feet……

Cover Image for Mr Bear

Mr Bear

A re-creation of a beloved pet for my friend Annabel….ceramic with slate shards.

Cover Image for Radley


The miniature schnauzer…..ceramic mosaic with slate shards on a circular background.

Cover Image for Woof!


A spiky slate mosaic sculpture, on a ceramic base.

Cover Image for Molly and Daisy

Molly and Daisy

Two lovely springer spaniels….eyes left! Ceramic mosaic with slate shards.

Cover Image for Snowdrop


A ceramic mosaic, with coloured glass and mirror shards.

Cover Image for Dodo!


A funny old bird….Lyme Regis sea glass, slate, mirror shards with wire legs and feet.

Cover Image for ‘Cups-cake!’


A mosaic of a cupcake, made from smashed tea cups….using cup handles to create a swirly cream topping. A copper leaf tops off the cherry on the top.

Cover Image for Lola


A ceramic Jack Russell terrier with mirror border

Cover Image for Dorset countryside ‘Moo-saic’

Dorset countryside ‘Moo-saic’

A panoramic design inspired by numerous walks in and around Blandford Forum. Ceramics, old china plates and natural stone with a hidden cow behind a bush!

Cover Image for Eyes Left!

Eyes Left!

Three slate greyhounds, on a crazed white ceramic background.

Cover Image for The ‘Murial’…..

The ‘Murial’…..

A mosaic inspired by Hilda Ogden’s three flying ducks ‘murial’ from Coronation Street. Always featured in their sitting room, with the middle duck a bit skewiff! Made from ceramic tiles, and small quantities of sea glass.

Cover Image for Diggory Dog

Diggory Dog

Hilary and Nigel’s labrador Diggory.

Cover Image for Sparky the Whippet

Sparky the Whippet

Cover Image for Midnight hare.

Midnight hare.

Moon gazing hare, created using traditional marble tessera and black matt ceramic background.

Cover Image for Two toucans….

Two toucans….

A ceramic mosaic, inspired by old dinner plates belonging to two chums David and Jonathan. Also incorporates slate and beautiful Dorset sea glass.

Cover Image for Wire Dog

Wire Dog

A wire sculpture of a dog’s head.

Cover Image for Hound Dog

Hound Dog

Cover Image for Wire Hare

Wire Hare

Mosaic and wire sculpture.

Cover Image for Horse Head

Horse Head

A clay sculpture.

Cover Image for Gregory Peck

Gregory Peck

A ceramic and glass mosaic of Gregory Peck a cockatiel.

Cover Image for Itch!


Welsh slate dog with ceramic red background.

Cover Image for Little bird

Little bird

Welsh slate blackbird.

Cover Image for No. 44

No. 44

A mosaic house number.

Cover Image for Red Ball

Red Ball

A distinctive mosaic of a white dog and a red ball.

Cover Image for ‘Dolores’


A dachshund inspired by a London Underground insurance advert. Ceramic tiles with pink glass.

Cover Image for Tabby


A sample of work in progress…..

Cover Image for White Lily

White Lily

A mosaic inspired by Edvard Koinberg’s ‘Herbarium Amoris’. A simple lily against a black background.

Cover Image for Too Good to Smash

Too Good to Smash

A mosaic created for the Everyday Sexism Project….a parody of the male gaze.

Cover Image for Whippety Greyhounds

Whippety Greyhounds

A family of whippets created from sea glass gathered from the shore at Lyme Regis, Dorset

Cover Image for Woof!


A mosaic using Welsh slate, broken into shards to create a spiky dog.

Cover Image for Hare Mosaic

Hare Mosaic

A white crazed ceramic hare, leaping in the darkness….