Judy Baker

Mosaic & Sculpture

Flowers in a turquoise vase

Cover Image for Flowers in a turquoise vase

A ceramic and glass mosaic.

More Mosaics & Sculptures

Cover Image for Golden Palm

Golden Palm

Cover Image for Tulips


A large vase of tulips, made with glass, ceramics and a broken old jug.

Cover Image for Leap!


A leaping dog created with shards of slate over a mirrored moon.

Cover Image for Peony and little bird

Peony and little bird

A small peony image, glass, mirror and tiles, featuring a little pottery bird.

Cover Image for Big Blue Hare

Big Blue Hare

A very large (1m x 50cm) mosaic of a hare.

Cover Image for Boxing Hares

Boxing Hares

Two marble hares boxing against a dark blue ceramic sky.